05 juin 2010

Game Supplier –Nintendo Future Objectives Lookout

Gamasutra published an interview with Nintendo President of the Republic of Korea, which talked on the difficult and joy to open up the Korean market. How to Find Your Perfect AK2i Multimedia SDHC TF Card Nintendo established the Korean branch in 2006,it begin to sell NDS and Wii in 2007&2008.Though the Korean market is online game market,the selling of Nintendo is still very good. Its strategy is increasing the playing population,no matter ages and sexes. At the same time, provide simple entertainment commodities for all people. This philosophy can not also change in South Korea. Even though,he said the openning is not very good in Korea.Impeccable TopToy DSTT Multimedia Card for Adults' Day As was mentioned above, Nintendo isn't very famous in Korea before it entered in Korea in 2007.Just a few people who love game very much know about it. Under such extremely adverse conditions, it is a really big challenge to open up the Korean market if not clear about how to increase the popularity.In addition, online games occupy a great market in Korea. Mentioning the game, in generally there is no doubt that it refers to online games. Even facing with such difficulties, Nintendo does not think its games will not fit Koreans. On the contrary, it gained a huge market though its discerning concepts. Goal of Nintendo is tp provide happiness and fun taht people couldn't find in online games,not to compete with online games.Up to now,they still position the market with this idea. It offers its users not only fanscinating games and enchanting characters which other competitors could never equal. But this only occurs in other areas, whereas strategic considerations should be given according to practical situations in Korea.What is Best for Her? Enthralling R4iTT Upgrade ! Fortunately, Nintendo has such "prides" like Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, which have a wide range of hobby groups. However, if Nintendo can not let consumers know its unique quality and charm, let alone expand the gaming population or open up potential markets. In other words, do not depend on these strong brands completely. You must let Korean fall in love with the experience and magic which only Nintendo can provide.Hot Exhibition - MicroSD/TF In Vogue In addition, Korea put education on a very important position. As a hinder for children to learn, games are often regard as negative, which is the barrie Nintendo must to break up when opening up the Korean market. Thus, Nitendo began advertising for its games in the research reports on brain exercise of senior research institutions, and has achieved good outcome. As the game has been achieved practical results of gaming population expansion around the world , Nintendo is also the first tool to promote exchanges among various ages. Even for the people who don't care about games, Nintendo also has the real incalculable value. It will gaine the Korean market recognition in the final. Through such strategies, NDS sold one million in South Korea after issued 11 months later, which is really astounding.This Year, People all Love Multimedia Flash. Looking to the future, still need to develop more nintendo software to support the Korean. By providing consumers with unique charm south of the game, the game will help Korean nintendo industry to adopt new ways to continue to grow and develop.I think the Flash Memory Card is your best choise!

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